If you are planning on doing some cave exploring in Missouri this Spring you should check out the deepest cave in Missouri, you may be shocked by just how deep it is...

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I have never done any cave exploring in my life, and since there are so many great caves in Missouri to check out I have made it a goal of mine to do some cave exploring this Spring/Summer. As I was researching caves in Missouri I stumbled upon Marvel Cave in Branson, on kcur.org, they say this about Marvel Cave...

"Considered the deepest cave in Missouri, Marvel Cave was once known as the "Devil’s Den." The entrance to Marvel is connected to Silver Dollar City, which developed around the massive cave after it opened as an Ozark tourist attraction in 1894."

Considered the deepest cave they say... So naturally, I asked myself "how deep is the deepest cave in Missouri?" On Wikipedia, they say this about Marvel Cave...

"The Cathedral Room is one of the largest cave entrance rooms found in North America. The room measures 204 feet (62 m) high, 225 feet (69 m) wide, and 411 feet (125 m) feet long. Entrance to the cave is made through a sink hole which is 94' deep."

They also say on Wikipedia that the depth of the cave is...500 FEET...wow. That is deep. I went back to the kcur.org article on Missouri's Caves and they do mention how you can take hour-long tours of Marvel Cave which will bring you to the Cathedral Room 300 feet below the surface and then go another 200 feet down from there.

I have decided that if I am going to do some cave exploring I want to start with the Cathedral Room at Marvel Cave, have you ever been? Is it scary? Spectacular? All of the above? Comment below!

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