If you fancy yourself a first mate and/or just love lighthouses, you could do a lot worse than a home I found that overlooks the Great Lakes which definitely looks like it could signal ships.

I found this on two different websites. 35780 Blue Wing Bay Road in Bayfield, Wisconsin is shown on Realtor. I also saw it featured on Pricey Pads. It overlooks Lake Superior which is probably why the builders have fashioned this as a lighthouse-themed estate.

Home Overlooking Great Lakes Looks Like a Lighthouse

The Pricey Pads and Realtor listings show this home is foreclosed. The house overlooks Madeline Island in Lake Superior. Madeline Island translates = mighty fancy.

I'm not completely sure what the situation is with the foreclosure, but it would seem to me that the asking price of $699,000 based on the Realtor listing would be great for that area, but that's my non-expert opinion talking.

The Pricey Pads article says the front door of this home was reclaimed from a real ship. You can't get much more lighthouse legit than that. Add that to the fact that it's a 2-bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom home that looks like a lighthouse checks all my boxes. Now, if I could just find an extra $698,000 to afford it. Check out the Realtor listing for more pics and details if you think this lighthouse-themed home would be great for you.

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