It's not often that history gets made. Well... I mean, I guess technically, in the broadest of terms and definitions, it's always being made. But sports history was just made. A #16 seeded team, UMBC, University of Maryland Baltimore County, just defeated a #1 seeded team, University of Virginia, in the NCAA basketball tournament. This has literally never happened before in the history of basketball. This is a bigger upset since the Tune Squad beat the Monstars in '96. Hashtag Thanks Bill Murray!

Listen, I will never defend Little Caesars as "good pizza" by any real metric of judging pizza. But sometimes, that greasy slab of dough, sauce, cheese and pepperoni hits the comfort food spot. And if there's one thing better than good pizza, it's free pizza. We're getting a free lunch combo, the deep dish plus soda, on April 2nd from 11:30am to 1pm.

See you at Little Caesars on Monday, April 2nd!

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