That ride sure has a lot of horses. No, I'm not talking about a sweet sports car. I'm talking about a highway where drivers shared video of being passed by a race horse.

Two different videos of this event from two different perspectives have been shared all over the net this week as a race horse got loose from a Kentucky track. That led to this.

My husband and I were driving one Saturday from our home in Henderson, KY to Evansville, IN. Shortly after we passed Ellis Park Horse Track we saw something ahead that at first we thought was a person in the road. As we got closer we noticed it was a racehorse, still sporting his number.

That was from Kentucky. Meanwhile, this driver on the Indiana side of the border was reporting the same phenomenon.

I just finished setting up the ballroom in the casino for a not-for-profit gala we were hosting later that night. About two minutes into my drive home, the video happened. Later that night at the gala, everyone had already seen the video, and we all had a good laugh

This escaped horse has become so famous that even People did an article about it.

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The story doesn't end there though. The Denver Channel is reporting that after being rescued by a county sheriff in the area, the horse suffered a minor injury in a fire after the rescue. The good news is the horse will be fine apparently. As for the drivers who were passed by this race horse, they might need some additional mental assistance.

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