Listen, Academy, I know you've got a tough job with the In Memoriam. You've gotta do a roll call of tragedy in three minutes set to somber music. But it's a cathartic moment for us as fans and everyone in the audience as fans and coworkers of the deceased to say one more fond farewell. And while you were saying farewell to Roger Moore, Harry Dean Stanton, Glenne Headly, George A. Romero and Jerry Lewis, you left out quite a few beloved figures in cinematic history. Notably Adam West, Tobe Hooper, Miguel Ferrer and Quincy's beloved John Mahoney! What gives?

The Academy has a long history of snubbing people out of the In Memoriam segment, and it usually accompanied by a reason of "They're more of a TV/Literature/Music/Sports Person." Like they did with Farrah Fawcett back in 2010. Though that doesn't explain Whitney Houston's inclusion in 2012, and 1956 Best Supporting Actress Oscar Winner Dorothy Malone's exclusion this year.

Other recent snubs include Robert Vaughn (Bullitt), Abe Vigoda (The Godfather), Tom Clancy (author of Jack Ryan novels) Joan Rivers (an awards season mainstay), both Larry Hagman and Andy Griffith back in 2013, Etta James in 2012.

And I get it, Vigoda was a TV guy. Joan Rivers was TV and comedy. Hagman and Griffith were TV guys. And they all had their moments at the Emmys those years. But come on. Not Clancy?! His movies have picked up Oscars over the years. Vigoda was pivotal to what is largely considered one of the greatest films of all time.

John Mahoney himself was important to many great films over the years, including Say Anything..., Barton Fink, Hudsucker Proxy, Reality Bites, The American President, Primal Fear, Antz, Iron Giant. The list goes on.

Couldn't you have found it in your heart to to give a shout out to Mahoney, even though he was "just a TV guy."

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