For the past few days, the Burlington Steamboat Days Facebook page has dropped hints as to who is performing at the annual summer concert series. The official announcement is slated for January 10, but let’s take a look at the clues and see if we can put this together a little sooner, shall we?And let’s hope this little endeavor goes better than the last time we had to use our brains to piece clues together.

They’ve hinted at both a rock and country act with clues for each. So let’s start with the country act. Here’s what we know…

  • This band is currently singing with Reviver Records.
  • This band has changed their name during their career.
  • This band has been in the business for 10 years.
  • Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, and Joe Nichols have cut songs by these artists.
  • This band has earned endorsement deals from Dean Guitars, Under Armour, Mossy Oak apparel, Comcast, Bud Light, Bowtick Bows and Crossbows, and Kicker Audio.

Let’s start with that first clue. lists only five artists currently signed to the label: Blackjack Billy, Kayla Adams, Little Anthony, LOCASH, and Michael Tyler. And we know that we’re dealing with a band, so we can eliminate Michael Tyler, Little Anthony, and Kayla Adams. Now we’re down to just LOCASH and Blackjack Billy. I know LOCASH used to be “LoCash Cowboys”, so clue #2 checks out. And a quick Google search reveals that they got started back in 2004 while Blackjack Billy was founded in 2013.

Maybe this is going to be easier than I thought.

Another quick Google search confirms that LOCASH wrote Keith Urban’s “You Gonna Fly”, Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah”, and Joe Nichols’ “About You”. And according to their bio page, the endorsement deals check out too.

So…I mean…it’s LOCASH, right? It has to be!

Onto the rock group. Here are the hints…

  • This band is currently singing with Atlantic Records.
  • This band’s lead singer does not like their name.
  • This band has a certified platinum album.
  • This band is made up of a husband and wife due, plus two other members.
  • This band's musical palette includes instruments like the accordion, mandolin, dulcimer, harp, tympani and bells.

Okay, let’s see who is currently on Atlantic Records and look for a four-piece group with at least one man and one woman. Doing so leaves us with one of two possibilities: Skillet or (crosses fingers) ABBA. I’m not sure of ABBA’s feelings toward their name, but the other clues technically fall into place. In any case, let’s be real here. It’s probably Skillet.

So there you have it. Your first two performers for Burlington Steamboat Days are Skillet on June 15 and LOCASH on June 18…probably…I think. Unless it's ABBA.

Stay tuned for an OFFICIAL announcement (by people that know what they're talking about) on January 10.

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