As I informed you last week, the old St. Mary's Hospital building is slated for demolition. I offered up a few ideas of what to do with the building, then asked what you thought should be done with it. Now, apparently it's in WAY worse condition than I thought, and demolition is the most economically sound option. However, that's still a great piece of property something could be done with. You voted, here were the results:

St Mary's Poll Results

The most popular option was put in some sort of big entertainment venue. Not a stadium or theater. But like a rec center, arcade, game place. Something for kids and adults to go to that would have all sorts of things right at the center of town to go to. Lazer tag and paintball and bowling. Near all those neighborhoods? It would be perfect. Even several of the "Other" votes voiced their support for that.

Apartments had a strong showing at second place, which would would be good. I could definitely see a good, modern apartment building going up there, and hopefully affordable.

I'm so glad Chick-Fil-A came in third. And a special shout-out to the people who voted for "Prank Future Archaeologists." I was one of those votes, but it did get more than just the one.

Among some of the "Other" votes were several for a VA facility, a few for a new school, a handful of votes went to a new medical facility with maternity/birthing center and cancer center being specifically named. Of course "level it" it was voted on many times... which doesn't address the "What should be done?" question, because now you've got a big vacant lot.

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