News and updates are still coming in as we as Americans try to make sense of another senseless and horrific tragedy. The question on everyone's mind, at least around the office and studios, is "How can I help? How can I fight this sense of defeat, of loss, of despondence, of heartbreak, of hopelessness?" I know we're feeling feeling drained, emotionally and financially, after pitching in to help hurricane victims in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, as another tragedy strikes our fellow Americans. But the way we band together to help each other out is unparalleled.

For instance, the GoFundMe campaign set up by Clark County (Las Vegas) officials in the wake of last night's mass shooting. The funds will be going directly to help the 500+ injured and the families of the 58 killed. As of this writing, they were at $804,000 of their $1 million goal. It's inspiring to see donations come in from across the country.

As in any crisis or tragedy, donate blood to the American Red Cross if you are medically able to. When tragedies happen, the blood supply is tapped into, and while that may cover the current crisis, they'll need to be restocked for the next one. And as we have seen over the past month, they can happen in rapid succession. Think of it like a savings account. Your rainy day fund. The rainy day happens, it needs to be refilled for the next rainy day.

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