97.9 KICK-FM is obviously the best station to listen too in the Tri-States, but we have proof that no matter where you live KICK-FM is still the best!

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Go ahead and press play on the audio file! It is a 5 minute long interview that Sam and I did with Tom and Rachel our listeners from across the pond! Tom from Sheffield in England sent Sam and I message a couple weeks back on our KICK-FM Facebook page, he wanted to get a shoutout saying he was listening from England. To be completely honest at first I didn't believe him, but as he says in the audio from the interview, he and Rachel were told about KICK-FM from their friend Daniel who listens to us when he drives his excavator. Daniel searched for country radio stations and found our app and has been listening for a couple years now, he told Tom, and now they all listen to us while they are working.

So here we are, Sam and I are doing "Mornings with Mark and Sam" at 6am here in Quincy, Illinois doing our best to inform the Tri-States about things happening in our area, and trying to make you smile and laugh a bit while we do it. And as we are doing that 4 thousand miles away across the Atlantic ocean, and 6 hours ahead in the day, we have fans listening to us in the UK. Just goes to show that no matter what you're doing it can impact peoples lives that you have never met before! So cheers to you all who listen to 97.9 KICK-FM raise a pint, have a drink and we will keep playing the best that new country music has to offer!

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