If you've never taken a Hannibal Haunted Tour this photo may change your mind.

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I recent photo taken by a driver of the Hannibal Haunted Tour might make you change your mind when believing in ghost. Can you see it? Look closer at the mirror, do you see that white-shaped image that looks like a person holding a lamp?

Hannibal Haunted Tours Facebook
Hannibal Haunted Tours Facebook

You can see in the close-up photo, there seems to be no face just a black circle where the face should be. Do you believe this is real?

Hannibal Haunted Tout Facebook
Hannibal Haunted Tour Facebook

Now, I am all about believing that this is a true ghost, spirit, apparition, whatever you want to call it. I watch so many shows about ghost hunting that I sometimes find myself freaked out, but fascinated at the same time. Knowing that we are not alone, and that ghost roam the area with us is super fascinating to me. I really need to stop watching Ghost Adventures, although, I would love to go on a ghost hunt with the guys of the show, they do have some fun. I've never taken the Hannibal Haunted Tour, but some of my family members have and they loved it. I might have to try this out this summer, I'll be on my own, but doesn't that make it more interesting?

Now, is this real or a person just so happen to be dressed like a ghost holding an old-style lamp just as the driver was taking the picture? Who knows? Is this a marketing post for the haunted tour to get people to join a tour this summer? Maybe. I'll let you decide.

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