valentine's day

Valentine's Day Is The Worst And I'm Not Even Sorry
Let me start off by saying I love my husband and my children. I tell them every single day and I show it as well. So why must I prove it by buying chocolates, cards, flowers, or stuffed animals? Oh, I know. Because that's what stores do to market their product. Well guess what? I'm not buy…
What Rom-Com Are You?
Love is in the air this weekend, as we all gear up for Valentine's Day (Love Day in my house). Most of you will go to dinner at a romantic restaurant, but some might stay in and watch a movie. So which Romantic Comedy movie are you?
Friendly Reminder: Valentine's Day is a Week Away
Valentine's Checklist:
Make Dinner Reservations
Order Roses
Get Chocolates. GOOD chocolates.
Or do whatever you do to celebrate the love of your life. If that's cooking for them, do that. A nice romantic meal goes a long way. Just put a little thought into it...
Relationship Deal Breakers [Interview]
Valentine's Day comes around every year, and whether you get really excited about the holiday, or absolutely loathe the holiday, usually depends on whether or not you have a significant other on February 14. Sometimes relationships end for very good reasons, sometimes they end for very bad reasons, …

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