I love living and working inside the Jimmy John's delivery radius. I get subs freaky fast, no matter where I am. Stuck at work? FREAKY FAST! At home and unwilling to venture outside? FREAKY FAST! But I do feel sorry for my Quincy brethren who live and work east of 36th, which is just outside of the 18th street JJ's delivery radius. They don't know the joy of on demand Italian Nightclubs with the hot peppers, of course. Well I now feel happy for them, because they're getting a brand spankin' new Jimmy Johns, this one at 44th and Broadway right next to NuFit.

Brodie Woodward

Our eagle-eyed sales rep spotted the sign had gone up, so Ben and I raced out there to snap some photos (he beat me by 7 minutes, because I was doing stuff). They've got applications on the front door ready for you to fill out if you're looking for a career in sandwich artistry.

Brodie Woodward


What's more, is their location affords them the opportunity to have something the one at 18th doesn't: A drive-thru! So if you were able to muster the energy to leave your house, but don't really feel like getting out of the car because the new Maren Morris song just came on and you're really into it, you can sit and jam. No worries.

Ben Braun

The restaurant is scheduled to open on April 25!