Dunkin' is bringing the HEAT with a Spicy donut...are you trying it?

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Ok so if you know me or listen to "Mornings with Mark and Sam" then you know that I am crazy about a couple things in life, Miller Lite, Chicago Bears Football, and trying weird limited time only new fast food items. And so I can already tell you I will be trying this new donut from Dunkin'

Dunkin' announced on their Facebook page today that they are releasing a Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut, saying...

" A donut… but make it SPICY! Introducing the Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut ft. strawberry flavored icing with cayenne & ghost pepper for a sweet heat treat at Dunkin’. Grab one & show your spicy side"

See the donut for yourself on the Dunkin' Facebook page by clicking here!

So this just has me all sorts of intrigued! I love donuts because they are sweet, and even sometimes savory, they are like dessert for breakfast. But the idea of having a donut that will be spicy is something I cant wrap my head around, so it leaves me with no choice but to have to head over to Dunkin' and try one asap. I will say this, I am going to definitely had a glass of milk and a couple of my other favorite donuts standing by ready and waiting in the wings, there is no way I'm going in unprepared for something with the title "Ghost Pepper" even if it is just a donut.

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