Sometimes it's hard for locals to know exactly what's going on around the area. Imagine being someone coming in for a visit that's never been here before. We contacted the Quincy Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce to find out what questions they most frequently get asked by visitors. 

Quincy, Illinois
Kurt Parsons

"Right now, we're getting asked if there's an Avenue of Lights this year," said Alta King, Communications Specialist with the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce. "We explain that there isn't, but there are many light displays in Washington Park."

Holly Cain with the Quincy Area Convention and Visitors Bureau says that the most common question they get asked is "where should we eat?" Chamber members are also asked the same question fairly often, according to King. "We receive inquiries about restaurants, such as 'where's a place to eat a good steak in Quincy?'"

Things to do in Quincy is another popular topic with visitors. "We have a new 50 Great Things To See & Do brochure," said Cain, "selecting the top 50 attractions in our three-county area of Adams, Pike and Hancock Counties. This piece helps direct visitors to some of the best places to see."

Not surprisingly, both offices field a lot of calls with questions about Quincy's major events, like the Dogwood Festival, Tin Dusters, Blues in the District, the K of C BBQ, Gus Macker and the Midsummer Arts Faire.

Other frequently asked questions of the Convention and Visitors Bureau include: "Have the trees started changing for fall color?" "Who is your largest employer?" "Are the eagles there yet?" "What are the hours of the museums?" "Are there any places to go out on the river?" and "Do you have any wineries in the area?"

King says the Chamber of Commerce even gets asked questions that aren't even about Quincy (not our Quincy, anyway). "We receive several calls that are meant for Quincy, Massachusetts; and Quincy, California."

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