There are so many hit songs from week to week, month to month and year to year, it's nearly impossible to remember them all. Many times songs that we loved when they were most popular we later forget all about. Hearing them again is always a great way to bring back fond memories and see if you still can sing all the words. Here are five such hits. Remember these?

The Wilkinsons '26 Cents' hit #1 in 1998

Rick Trevino 'Learning As You Go' reached #2 in 1996

Wedding season will be here before long. This one has become a wedding favorite. Michael Peterson's 'From Here To Eternity' topped the charts in 1997

How many remember Mark McGuinn's 'Mrs. Steven Rudy,' a #6 hit in 2001?

Jamie O'Neal's 'There is No Arizona' was her debut single in 2000 and went all the way to #1

There are five great memories in music form. We'll have more soon.

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