You would never think just by looking at the million-dollar beautiful home that there is a giant tree in one of the bedrooms.

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For sale in Naperville for $1,175 million this home is just downright perfect. The entire home has been renovated with the best of the best from the kitchen, to the ceiling fans, a large laundry room. But there is one feature that sticks out in this house that you would never think would be in any home. There is a very large tree branch in one of the bedrooms.

I don't think it's from a tree on the property, I think from what I can see, it was purposely put there for some sort of decoration for the room. The bathroom attached to the tree room has some branches in it for decor, must have been some sort of theme room for the current owner. Everything else in the house seems perfect, you would never think about having that large of a branch in a room, but pictures (and video) don't lie.

The house is amazing and for some kiddo, this will be a cool feature to have in your room but a giant tree branch. I am sure being a realtor you are never surprised by what you see in homes. Oh, the stories that they must have!

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