Last month, we told you that the cast of Queer Eye (also known as the Fab Five) was coming to film an episode in Quincy. Well, they will be here this week and while we don't know exactly what places they plan to visit, we do have some ideas of where they should.

Quincy native Jonathan Van Ness, the show's grooming expert, will be honoring one of his favorite Quincy High School teachers, Mrs. Katleen Dooley. Dooley is the current director of Music Education & Fine Arts with Quincy Public Schools. Together, they'll be doing some shopping around town and here is where we think they should hit up.

Keep in mind, most of the places I picked are downtown Quincy because why not highlight local businesses and show off The District?

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    Style Options

    Tan (the fashion guru) definitely has some options in terms of shops. I recommend For Home & Her, The Silhouette Shoppe, The Sweet Apricot Shop, and Yellow Kiss Boutique. I'm sure they can find the right outfit for Mrs. Dooley at one (or more) of these places. And no trip is complete without a stop at Premiere Diva. I mean c'mon it's in the name. What woman doesn't want to feel like a diva every now and then?

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    Grooming Options

    Jonathan shouldn't need help coming up with a place or two here since he IS the expert and all. I'd go with Kristopher's in downtown Quincy. I'm sure they have everything Mrs. Dooley will need for her big makeover reveal (and she can get a mani pedi too).

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    Dining Options

    Antoni, who specializes in food and wine, has plenty of places to choose from in Quincy. But since we're staying downtown, might I suggest Thyme Square, Krazy Cakes, The Convenient Chef, The Yum Factory, The Tap Room, or the brand new Red Light Bar & Grill.

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    Design Options

    Bobby, the show's design expert, will be overhauling a room for Mrs. Dooley during the show and he may want to stop by Domestics Etc., For Home & Her, Potter & Vaughn, and Shaker Hill for some local inspiration.

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    Culture Options

    Karamo has plenty of options in terms of finding culture. After all, we are one of the most artistic towns in the country. I would love to see them stop by Washington Theatre, Quincy Community Theatre, or the Villa Kathrine during their stay.