There is a "Don't Feed The Animals" sign near the front door of the radio station.  Please ignore this ill-advised rule...especially if you're bringing bacon.  The person who made the sign obviously was not allowing for the possibility that bacon could potentially be brought through our front door.  This morning, the miraculous occurred. 

This weekend, I fixed my son, Adam, a taco salad.  He has learned to like my taco salads (or at least find polite ways to not hurt my feelings).  But yesterday, I added a magical ingredient that actually brought an unsolicited compliment...I added bacon.

This morning, one of the guests here at the station brought muffins to us.  Not just any muffins.  Bacon muffins.  (see picture above)  I'm not sure who invented this, but they should receive a medal...preferably made of bacon.

This young man on the TV Show "Wife Swap" has learned this fundamental truth at a very young age.  We support him.  No one should take away our bacon.

I'm even more likely to watch a Kevin Bacon movie thanks to his last name. Except for "Hollow Man". I have to draw the line somewhere.

That being said, if someone offers you bacon...please accept it. Or, do the next best thing. Bring it to us.

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