We're just over halfway through November and it's currently 77 degrees outside and, according to Mike Cole of WGEM, we MIGHT hit a record this afternoon. I know it's not going to last forever. Hell, it might not even last until the weekend. But I figured now would be a good a chance as any to take a look at what the ole' Farmers' Almanac had to say about when we should be expecting winter...and with how much vengeance it shall arrive. Below is a piece we posted back in August. Enjoy!

ORIGINAL STORY (August 16, 2016): Much to the disdain of kids everywhere (and probably some teachers too), summer is coming to an end and school is officially back in session. So what better time than now to start looking forward to snow days, right?

So to find out when we might get our first snowfall of the year, I dusted off the old Farmer’s Almanac (kidding, it’s online now) to see what the experts have to say. After all, they’ve been making reasonably accurate predictions on that sort of thing since 1792, so I figure they know what they’re talking about.

Turns out, we might be getting some snow sooner than we thought.

I mean, don’t get your hopes up for, like, next week or anything. BUT the Farmer’s Almanac does suggest that the Heartland region (that's us) will be getting our heaviest snowfall in mid to late November and again in mid-January and early February. They describe the winter as milder and drier than normal, with near to above normal snowfall.

So see? We have something to look forward to around the middle of November BESIDES the end of election season!

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