Something strange has been happening in the city with the Arch. Or, I should say something weird is happening OVER St. Louis as an eyewitness claims they saw a UFO that was possibly chased by aircraft in the area.

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The National UFO Reporting Center shared this detailed report which happened on April 11, 2022 and was documented the following day. Here's the word-for-word eyewitness report:

I was driving east on highway 70 (not far from the airport) when I noticed a strange object in the sky above me. I did a double take and saw there were 2 large gray, metal-looking crafts that were both shaped like the letter "S", like a bold, block type font. They were hovering fairly low and flying gracefully through the sky. It was raining and dreary out but I definitely saw them. I thought they might be drones but have never heard of or seen any drones like that before. They were silent and had no obvious means of propulsion.

A couple weeks before the above report in late March, this man was trailed by an unidentified object driving down I-70 also. NOTE: some strong NSFW language in this video.

He also captured video from the rear camera showing the same object, but from a different angle.

What's going on in St. Louis? Are these legitimate UFO encounters and if so, what are their intentions? I have seen no official reports from the airport in St. Louis or by the military at this point. You can check out the official National UFO Reporting Center incident for more information and updates.

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