If a new UFO share is real, extraterrestrials may be geometry fans. The reason I say that is it appears a craft shaped like a triangle disappeared into an Illinois thunderstorm cloud in a new video.

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Disclaimer: this object is hard to see. Fortunately, the person who just dropped this video on YouTube slowed it down and adjusted the contract so you can pick up on the weird object ascending into the clouds. Here are the exact words of the eyewitness near Pekin, Illinois from the video description:

A triangular shaped object that looked like it was hovering and then ascended up into the clouds. Me my nephew and his father went outside to watch the storm come in. One front had already passed through, and we were watching the second front come in. I could feel the electricity on my skin. I started filming because the clouds were rippled and as soon as I started filming my brother-in-law said what is that! And you can hear us all in shock and excitement as this triangular object ascends into the clouds.

Again, it's easier to see something once it's slowed down.

I asked my wife, the meteorologist, what that could possibly have been. Surely there must be some cloud phenomenon that could explain...something...ascending through the clouds? Nope. She couldn't come up with anything. That means one of two things. Either she knows but won't tell me because she doesn't think I'll understand it (likely explanation) or there isn't a weather thing this could have been.

Either way, this is a strange sight to see during an Illinois thunderstorm. The truth is out there (or maybe up there).

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