A guy has a fascination with domed courthouses and he also has a drone. What should he do? This. It's video of the top of the Monroe County Courthouse in Paris, Missouri as you've likely never seen it before.

The guy with the drone shared some backstory about why he chose to capture this specific building:

This town is between my parents’ house and the train station I use to get to and from Chicago in Quincy. Paris is a beautiful little town, with some big old homes. I love this courthouse, the last domed courthouse built in Missouri in 1912. I have a fascination with domed courthouses because of the timeless beauty, and marker of past times.

It's not every day that you get to see the Monroe County Courthouse from above, so here you go.

For most of us, this is the view we have of the courthouse on most days.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

Unless you've needed a marriage license or wanted to pay property taxes in person, it's normally just the building you drive by. What a treat that this dude took the time to give us an aerial view of the historic dome that dates back more than 100 years.

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