There is a place only two hours from the Gem City called the "Devil's Icebox" and it seems utterly fascinating!

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I'll be the first one to admit that I am not a hiker, I haven't ever gone hiking really, and to be honest never had much of a desire too. BUT that is all changing for me know since I discovered a place outside of Colombia, Missouri called the "Devil's Icebox" have you ever heard of it before?

If you're like me and had no idea this existed here is what I found out about it. According to the "Devil's Icebox" is...

"...Devil’s Icebox Boardwalk leads visitors over the 125-foot-long natural tunnel...The Devil’s Icebox is a double sinkhole that offers a view of the underground stream and cool, refreshing air, which explains the name...Devil’s Icebox Cave has a total mapped passage distance of 6.5 miles..."

The Devil's Icebox is located inside of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, and for more information on how to get there, and what else the park offers, just CLICK HERE!

Now there is a bummer to this discovery of the Devil's Icebox for me... It's currently CLOSED for tours inside, not because of the pandemic but because of a fungus that is growing and dangerous to the bats that are there, I also found that information on, but they hopefully will be reopening the entrance soon.

I would love to be able to get a group of friends together to explore the park and the Devil's Icebox someday, it would be perfect to include on a weekend trip to Colombia!

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