Prior to his Sunday night performance at Tanyard Gardens in Hannibal, country star Drake White dropped some serious coin at National Tom Sawyer Days.

Early in his set, after jamming out on a cover of Sublime’s “What I Got” (which included a verse of Tom Sawyer Days-inspired freestyle), White gave a rundown of all the souvenirs he picked up during his stay in America’s Hometown.

“I went up here and bought this fox tail,” he said, pointing to the rustic Midwestern tchotchke clipped to his beltloop. “I bought me some leather, I bought me a pocket knife, I bought me two rings for my lady.”

Drake White
Ben Braun

Sweet fox tail, bro.

Not bad. I mean, that fair stuff ain’t cheap either. But that wasn’t all. After all, dude’s gotta eat!

“Three funnel cakes, one fried Oreo, two corn dogs, three things of cheese fries…I’m feeling good.”

Damn, Drake White. That’s some impressive digestion you’ve got there. I was one chocolate funnel cake down before the boot of regret kicked me right in the stomach. Alas, the deep fried smorgasbord did not slow down the “Makin’ Me Look Good Again” singer who delivered an amazing 90 minute set with his band, “The Big Fire”.

Probably for the best that he didn’t take the Tilt-a-Whirl for a spin.

Check out the full video below...

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