Don't eat icicles. Seems simple but with the recent winter weather it's a good reminder.

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Sometimes we all need to be reminded of things in life, from simple things like turn off the lights to save energy or irons are hot be careful, but there are things that you may think are innocent enough that you need a reminder on as well. Tell your kids, and remind yourself don't eat icicles.

The website posted a story reminding us all that as winter is now here in America not to eat icicles, you can read their full story by clicking here! In the story they talk about a meteorologist named Katie Nickolaou who posted some tiktok videos showing why you shouldn't eat icicles. Her main point is that icicles form from water that is coming from a roof, and freezes as it is dripping off that roof or surface. And if that surface isn't 100% clean and sterile the water forming the icicle wont be clean or sterile. And lets face it which buildings do you know of that have clean and sterile rooftops?

It is weird to think about the water forming the icicle not being clean because they just look so pretty, but it is good to remind your kids that as they go out into the backyard or at school not to eat an icicle. Because now that I think back on it, I definitely have can remember licking an icicle or two back in the day and I am grossing myself out now just thinking about it!

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