PLEASE I beg you when you reopen your restaurant DON'T DO THIS!

As life is starting to slowly return to normal in states like Missouri, and Iowa restaurants are beginning to allow customers back into their dining hall, we don't have a date as to when this will happen in Illinois, BUT no matter when you reopen your restaurant wherever you are in the Tri-States please (I beg you) don't do this...

A restaurant in Virginia is adding Dummies to fill empty seats left by social distancing guidelines, as reported on by ABC News.

DUMMIES?!?! Like legit mannequins in full on clothes and costumes sitting in the seat where no one can sit because we have to be six feet apart from one another. This is an absolute nightmare in my opinion, like this is how horror movies start, I know we are all going to feel a little awkward and uncomfortable because we haven't been in a restaurant in months, and we have to sit six feet apart from everyone. But the way to make me feel more comfortable is NOT to have creepy dummies sitting in the empty seats! I just can't imagine any of the restaurants in the Tri-States doing this, but to make sure please spread the word to all the restaurant owners out there that it would be creepy to put dummies in the empty seats.

If you want to see the dummies and the article from ABC News click here!

So please restaurants of the Tri-State area don't put dummies in your empty seats, I desperately want to come and sit down and eat at your restaurants again, but there is no way I am going to be eating at a restaurant that has dummies filling the seats,would you?



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