In Southeastern Wisconsin mysterious noises have been reported lately to authorities and they for a while were baffled themselves as to what was causing the problem. It seems these loud booming noises were occurring with the source remaining a mystery.

It was a mystery until National Weather Service Meteorologist Chris Stumpf heard about the dilemma the Wisconsinites were dealing with. Stumpf revealed a hypothesis that the mysterious sounds may have been caused by a rare phenomenon known as "Frost Quakes".

These Frost Quakes occur when the moisture in the ground suddenly freezes and then expands. Apparently, if conditions are just right the soil or bedrock breaks like a brittle frozen pipe which would cause these mysterious noises.


According to an Associated Press story, the sound is similar to an earthquake rumble or a sharp cracking and falling tree. Apparently, the mystery has been solved and now you know, like I just found out, what a "Frost Quake" is.

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