There's no shortage of hard-scrabble, blue-collar country boys that will find themselves in Dillon Carmichael's new song "I Do for You." The mid-tempo love song from Carmichael's next project stays out of the mush, but finds the burly baritone baring his heart in public.

His character — tough guy, big heart — is irresistible in country music and life, and he plays the part well. Carmichael is a dynamic singer, both in terms of range and breadth of themes. Rowdy rockers, whiskey-soaked boozers and authentic (maybe even plucky?) love songs feel as authentic as his Kentucky drawl. Jimmy Melton helped him write the song several years ago, but it took three recordings and a new girlfriend to get it right.

It's easy to get lost in Carmichael's big, comforting voice, but stop and pay attention to his word choice (rhyming "Saturday" and "That-a-way" is brilliant) and commercial appeal. This is a hit song. The writers aimed right down the middle and with '90s country as a thing people are excited about once again, it feels like good timing.

Did You Know?: Melton plays guitar for Jamey Johnson. He's been married for many years and this song was in many ways inspired by that marriage.

Dillon Carmichael's "I Do for You" Lyrics:

I don’t take phone calls when I’m fishin’ / I don’t do weddings and I don’t do dishes / I’m not gonna sit in the front pew / I don’t go to the mall on Saturday / I never felt the call to spend my time that a-way / But I proudly say I do for you.

Get a real job / Move across town / Stop at one beer / Grow up and settle down / Ain’t it strange how / All the things I’d never do / I do for you.

I ain’t the kind of guy who’d take a week off / Drive up the coast, just to watch some leaves fall / Or spend money on a hot tub hotel room / I never thought I’d go for candles by the bathtub / Roses on the bed, or a 30 minute back rub / But I proudly say I do for you.

Trim my beard up / Put a suit on / Pick a preacher / Pick a love song / Never thought I’d / See the day I say I do / But I do for you. 

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