Dillon Carmichael serves up laughs in his great new video for "Hot Beer." Do his fans have what it takes to send him to the top of the most popular videos in country music this week? We are about to find out.

Jon Pardi joins Carmichael for an appearance in a video that offers a rollicking good time while an unhinged ex wrecks the house, but Carmichael is up against some pretty tough competition. Casi Joy has a broad voting base from her time on The Voice, and Callista Clark and previous Taste of Country RISER Kalie Shorr also have great new videos and strong voting blocks, while Home Free have been fixtures at or near the top of the countdown for months and months.

Who's got your vote this week?

The voting's just been ramping up more and more in the countdown in recent weeks as so many acts get back to work and release great new clips. This week saw nearly 14,000 votes as fans fought back and forth, with Laine Hardy ultimately coming out on top, while Home Free are still solidly at No. 2. Adam Ezra Group, Lauren Mascitti and Carolines Jones round out the Top 5, and the rest of the Top 10 are familiar titles in recent weeks, while Trace Adkins, Blake Shelton and Keith Urban all fall just outside the top titles this time around.

Taste of Country lets our loyal readers decide the results of our video countdown each week. As the pandemic recedes, the music business gets back to work and artists release more videos, the voting has been tougher and tougher every week for the last month. That means if you want to see your favorites take hold, you'll have to really work for it!

Get in there and vote, and make you share the countdown with like-minded friends and fans. Check back next Friday for the results, when we will share a new slate of videos for your consideration.

Due to an update, the voting poll looks different than it used to. When you vote now, you need to scroll up afterward to see the captcha. Once you verify yourself, your vote will be counted as usual. 

Note: Fans can vote for one video, once every hour until the poll closes next Friday at 12PM ET. The weekly Top 10 will be revealed immediately after the poll closes. Videos are retired after six months, or when fans lose interest or when an artist releases a new video for a current single.

  • 10

    "Witness Protection"

    Jim Stanard
  • 9

    "Getting Over Him"

    Lauren Alaina and Jon Pardi
  • 8

    "This Town"

    Sam Grow
  • 7

    "Need a Bar Sometimes"

    Clay Walker
  • 6

    "Hard Way To Go"

    Jimmy Charles
  • 5

    "One Life Stand"

    Lauren Mascitti
  • 4

    "Come In (But Don't Make Yourself Comfortable)"

    Caroline Jones
  • 3

    "Switching to Whiskey"

    Adam Ezra Group
  • 2

    "One Voice"

    Home Free Feat. Billy Gilman
  • 1

    "Memorize You"

    Laine Hardy

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