The fact that there are shipwrecks in the Great Lakes is not news. I don't know of any bodies of water in the world that have more than that region. However, I did not realize that there is (kind of) a Nazi shipwreck in Lake Michigan - until now.

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Kudos to the TechMindBlow YouTube channel for this find. (literally) He visited the shipwreck of the Elbing (and its other names). As Wikipedia documents, this ship began its existence in 1922 as the SS Francisco Morazan.

As he kind of explained in the video, the SS Francisco Morazan was seized by the Allies from the Nazis of Germany in May of 1945.

It was the night of November 29, 1960 when it hit another shipwreck in Lake Michigan and was declared a total loss according to the chronology on Wikipedia. It sounds dramatic to hear that a Nazi boat was shipwrecked in the Great Lakes, but the truth is that it was owned by Liberia at the time of its end.

There is one bit of intrigue to add from a comment on the YouTube share involving a submarine though.

Chase Blackwell - "In the great lake, of Ontario, there was also a Nazi submarine that was sunk by the Canadian navy, in 1943"

So much history and legend that lies in the Great Lakes and now you can add a ship formerly owned by Nazi Germany and a sank sub to that ever-growing lore. It's another reason why the Great Lakes are always a summer road trip possibility for us.

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