A small town in Central Illinois is the "Pumpkin Capitol of the World" and they have a real reason to call themselves that title!

Morton, Illinois which is located southeast of the town Peoria, Illinois claims to be the "Pumpkin Capitol of the World" and according to Wikipedia I believe them! Morton according to their Wikipedia page, produces 82% of the WORLDS canned pumpkin, and they hold a massive festival in September every year called the "Morton Pumpkin Festival" and according to the Wikipedia page on the festival, in Morton is the Nestle owned Libby's pumpkin processing plant, where they process the over 80 percent of the worlds canned pumpkin. The festival draws around 75 thousand people annually, and apparently there is even a Pumpkin Chuckin' contest during the festival!

Morton, Illinois is only 135 miles away from Quincy (so just about a 2 and a half hour drive) so it would be totally easy to get there and back for a day or two of the festival. And if you want more information on the Morton Pumpkin Festival, I found their website, you can check it out by clicking here! 

On the festival website it says this years celebration will be September 15th through the 18th, and this year is the 55th annual version of the festival. I think this is something I have to go to at least once in my life, especially with it being located only a couple hours away. I love fall, and I love pumpkins (even though I don't love pumpkin spiced lattes) and if you are one of the people who is obsessed with fall then you got to add this to your fall bucket list!

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