Turn tonight's Presidential debate into a fun drinking game!

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In all seriousness I will be watching the first presidential debate tonight, I think it is extremely important to stay as informed as possible about what is going on politically in our country. That being said...I also love a good drinking game! So if you are watching the debate tonight and want to have a little drinking fun along the way here are my 5 things to watch out for and take a drink whenever they come up!

1.) If either candidate mentions former President Barack Obama you take a drink. Be careful on this one it could add up to a lot of drinks very quickly!

2.) If either candidate mentions the Supreme Court Vacancy left behind by the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg drink, again because of how much of a hot button issue this is right now if you only want to choose 1 rule to drink too this may be the one!

3.) If the candidates shake hands then take three drinks. With COVID-19 concerns I feel safe this wont happen, but IF it does, 3 drinks.

4.) If either candidate mentions the other ones children take a drink.

5.) FINALLY I want everyone to drink responsibly sooooo any time that a candidate mentions Tax Returns take a drink of WATER!!!

Again this is meant to be silly and fun, I certainly never want to tell you how to feel about politics or influence you in anyway. But if you already have your mind made up about who you're voting for (I feel like most people do) then maybe turn the debate into a drinking game and turn up on a Tuesday night (Responsibly of course).


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