Dear Brad Paisley:

You cut a song for Mark Twain: Words & Music called the Huck Finn Blues. It was all about Hannibal. We dug it so much, we've declared it the official song of Hannibal leading up to the bicentennial in 2019. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could come to our fair River Banks and perform the song live? I think so.

Hannibal is a fantastic town with a lot to offer, especially in the summer with all the great festivals and celebrations. I'm sure we'll be pulling out all the stops for a Bicentennial, and it would be perfect to have a big Celebrity like yourself swing through again to help us mark this auspicious occasion. Hence this Online plea for you to come visit us, and I won't give up Without A Fight.

Kurt Parsons
Kurt Parsons

We're a town who loves our Alcohol, so make sure you hit up the Mark Twain Brewery. Or Tanyard Gardens to National Tom Sawyer Days. That's always a good time. Maybe you'll want to catch the Hannibal Hoots as baseball returns to America's Hometown. I know they'll be out there all summer just Crushin' It.

You see, we here in the Hannibal (and Quincy) area are a real Country Nation. There are plenty of places for you to go out and get a little Mud On The Tires, even though with all the forested areas, there's a good chance for picking up a few Ticks. You could check out the numerous lakes and rivers, as there's plenty of fun to be had on the Water. And what better way to experience America's Hometown (OK.... that one's Josh Turner) than with a good old fashioned American Saturday Night on the town. Plenty of cafes, restaurants and pubs for you visit.

Admit it, I don't think you'd be able to Beat This Summer. I challenge you to, right now, Today, put this on your calendar. You'll never have another chance to catch this beautiful, historic town celebrate its 200th birthday. We'd love for you to come and help Welcome Hannibal to the Future. Much like Everything, it's the Last Time for such a momentous occasion. I know that as you depart the festivities at the end of the week, you'll turn to Kimberly and with a tear in your eye, say "I'm Gonna Miss Hannibal."

Something something, This Is Country Music. I'm just surprised I was able to work Welcome to the Future into it.


Brodie and the rest of the KICK staff.

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