Andy Dalton is the new Quarterback for my beloved Chicago Bears, and I need to apologize to him.

It is currently 10am on St. Patrick's Day 2021 (3/17/21) and I have been very sad for almost 24 hours. Because yesterday afternoon the thing I love most in the world the Chicago Bears signed free agent quarterback Andy Dalton to a 1 year $10 million deal. This news has made me mad, confused, upset, but mostly sad, and I need to get some things off my chest.

First and foremost to Andy Dalton, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you have been brought into this mess, I bet you're a great guy, husband, father, and none of this is personal. I'm sorry for all the tweeting I will be doing when I watch you play for the Bears, I'm sorry for all the tweeting I'll be doing praying that the Bears draft Trey Lance or Justin Fields so you never have to play for the Bears. It's not your fault. The Bears GM Ryan Pace and Head Coach Matt Nagy are to blame. I want to make you this promise Andy, I personally will never say anything that is a direct insult to you, and will only comment on the playing that happens on the field. It's not your fault that Pace traded a 4th round pick and gave a ton of money to Nick Foles, or that he drafted Mitchell Trubisky ahead of Watson and Mahomes, it's not your fault. But just know that you signed on to take $10 million to be in a very dysfunctional relationship, Bears fans are passionate, loyal, stubborn, and caring, but we are also hurt right now, and we aren't in a good place to be in a relationship with someone we don't see long term potential with.

I'm sad, I want my team to be great, I want to watch my team win a Super Bowl, and its hard being in the middle of March knowing that I wont be celebrating a Bears Super Bowl win this season. So to Andy, I'm sorry in advanced for my criticism, but hey...I know at least you'll LOVE the city of Chicago, it's wayyyy better than Dallas or Cincinnati.

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