It's a good reminder every election year, and indeed every year, that it is your right as a citizen to cast a vote in the elections. But while there were 218,959,000 eligible voters in the United States during the 2012 general election, only 146,311,000, or 67%, were registered. And of that, only 126,144,000 actually went out and voted. While that does represent 86% of registered voters, it's only 57% of eligible voters.

So as we approach the 2016, make sure you're registered. Some states, like Missouri, have hard deadlines on registration, as the deadline for mail-in, online and in-person registration in the Show-Me-State is October 12th, while Illinois has staggered deadlines as early as October 11th for mail-in registration, and November 8th, Election Day, for in-person registration.

You can go to to find out how you can register to vote, but be aware of deadlines in your county and state. Get registered now, and you'll be set for Election Day on November 8th.

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