I'm a young guy, barely 30. I'm technologically proficient, politically aware, financially self-sufficient. I'm a big nerd, always have been, but luckily nerdery is in fashion these days. I don't want to come off as an out-of-touch old guy, but as I meander through life as a young single guy, trying to find that mythical "one," I'm utterly useless when it comes to dating apps.

I just don't get it. Dating profiles and self-summaries and all that. Like... I get it. This isn't a knock on online dating. A good friend of mine met his current girlfriend through a dating app and they've been together almost a year. Another friend met his now wife on a dating site, a wedding I officiated, and they've been married for a little over two years. So I get it in the broad, grand scheme, sense of the concept. But I personally have a tough time with it.

I casually dated all throughout my 20s. I had a few relationships last a significant amount of time, but it was all a lot of casual dating. In retrospect, I kept putting mental blockers up on my dating life, so I could focus on my professional life. So I never entered anything seriously. I've had some dates via dating sites. And they haven't gone terrible, at least from my perspective. They weren't great, but they weren't bad. So this also isn't a "Woe is me, why am I still single?!" bad romantic comedy plot.

I guess the dating apps seem a little cold and clinical to me. You go on a date with a girl because you liked her profile picture and that she enjoys binge-watching "Lost" every year. But that's it? My relationships that lasted were built on a mutual friend saying "I think the two of you would like each other." And we did. I'm still friendly with most of my exes. It's that warmth of a friend appreciating both you enough to think you'd be happy together that I liked. Real human emotions going into the construction of more real human emotions.

That's why despite every one in my generation flocking to dating apps, I'm still rocking it old school. "Hey, let's meet." Maybe that should be my profile self-summary..... Hey let's meet.