Sam's Cardinals vs Mark's Cubs, we have a bet to see who will win more games this year!

Ahhhhhh smell the fresh cut grass, baseball season is finally upon us!!! Sam and I couldn't be more excited to be getting to watch out favorite teams in action again. I am a born and raised Chicagoan who is a die hard Cubs fan, and Sam has been a die hard Cardinals fan for over 15 years since marrying into Cardinals fandom. So as the baseball season officially gets underway Sam and I have created a bet between each other, to see which team will finish with the better record.

So here are the details, it doesn't matter if the Cubs and the Cardinals are the two worst teams in the league (they wont be) this bet is purely based on the 60 game regular season, which ever team finishes with the better record wins the bet.

If the Cardinals have a better record then the Cubs, I (Mark) will have to give Sam and her husband a FREE night of babysitting here two daughters, and buy the girls dinner when I baby sit.

If the Cubs have a better record then the Cardinals, Sam will give me a half day off of work and buy my a case of the best beer in the world Miller Lite.

So there it is! That is the bet, may the best team win! Obviously if both the Cubs and the Cardinals make the playoffs we will definitely either do another bet against each other or add on to this bet so stay tuned, and thank god baseball is back!

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