Grab some marshmallows and gather around the campfire for a Missouri story of a man who encountered not one, but three "dogmen" in his yard.

According to the description on the recent video share, this story comes from Chesterfield County, Missouri approximately 50 years ago. It begins with a man hearing dog-like sounds from a field nearby, but what he discovered was not simply a dog.

If the man's telling of the story is accurate, it would have been a very gruesome sight. He claims they were 3 large wolf-like creatures that were consuming another animal with one of them holding the head. Yikes.

He claimed that the 3 creatures took notice of him and each had blood dripping from their jaws. He tried to sprint back to his home, but were pursued by the beasts. He decided to jump inside of a truck near his home hiding near the floorboard. He could see and hear them scratching against the metal and windows of the vehicle.

After several hours of hiding for his life, the sounds stopped. He slowly raised his head up to see if the beasts were really gone. They were.

Upon arrival at home, he tried to tell his family what had happened. They didn't believe him initially. Later, he took them back to the field and the vehicle he hid in. They could see large prints and scratches on the side of the truck. Pictures of the prints allegedly were shared in a local newspaper, but evidence of that has not been located.

Did this man really encounter the infamous Missouri Dogmen or is this just a really good whopper to tell around the campfire? The truth is somewhere out in the Missouri woods. Waiting.

UPDATE: Learned many of the Missouri werewolf stories we've come across were originally shared by author D.A. Roberts. His great work is available on Amazon among other places.

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