This small-town Illinois mayor is facing a lot of accusations of abuse of power, using the police to harass people, and spending a lot of money on lavish vacations, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the details...

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According to an article from the New York Post, Illinois' self-proclaimed "Super Mayor" in south suburban Dolton, Illinois, maybe the worst mayor in the US... In the article, they say...

"The eccentric self-described “super mayor” of a Chicago suburb was compared to a South American dictator by disgruntled constituents, who complained about massive billboards bearing her face across town and the “militarization” of local police against her political enemies...She has come under scrutiny in recent weeks for a laundry list of antics, including accusations of blowing thousands in public funds on luxury travel and dining, turning local police into both her personal bodyguards and backup dancers for music videos, and hiring DJs for town meetings — all while the city falls $5 million into debt."

The article goes on to mention how Tiffany Henyard has been Mayor of Dolton since 2021, and she makes close to $300,000 a year and has passed an ordinance that says the next mayor of Dolton would have to take a 90% pay cut...To read more about this story, click here!

Is she the WORST Mayor?

I don't know...But it sounds like the people of Dolton are not happy at all with her leadership. There is a portion of the story where a citizen says a cop gave her a ticket and when she asked the cop why, the cop responded that the mayor told him to. That's not good. If that is a true statement that woman should be ousted from office ASAP! We focus a ton of our attention on the Presidential election, and it is important, but your local elections are just as important as the Presidential one, let the town of Dolton be a lesson to us all...

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