General Motors is going ALL Electric, say goodbye to gasoline...

It is hard to imagine what the future will be like, they tried in Back to the Future and failed miserably. Here we are in the year 2021, if you would have asked your grandparents in the1960's what the future would be like in 2021 they would have all guessed "flying cars" probably, while we are no where close to flying cars, we are very close to saying goodbye to Gasoline powered cars.

According to General Motors, which owns favorite American brands like Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, and others, announced today that they plan on selling all electric vehicles by 2035...that's only 14 years away! In the article (to see they entire article click here!) they say...

"It’s one thing for the state of California to announce that it will no longer allow the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035. It’s quite another when an automaker announces essentially the same thing. Today, General Motors CEO Mary Barra unveiled the automaker’s proposal to make GM a net-zero-carbon company. That means phasing out of light-duty vehicles that run on gasoline and diesel by 2035."

Since California announced it will be going all electric I knew that auto makers would speed up production and options for consumers to buy electric, but General Motors has taken it to hyper drive. What will be fascinating to see over the next 14 years of our lives, as General Motors attempts to accomplish this massive feat, is how small town America will be treated. Obviously Los Angeles, Chicago, New York will have plenty of charging stations and options for people, but for us who live in towns of less then 50,000 people when will they install charging stations, and mandates on electric vehicles. We wont be flying cars by 2035, but I have a feeling a lot more of us will be charging are cars with our phones overnight.

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