It is a combination none of us ever thought about, and now it is a MUST TRY! Cheetos plus KFC and it is available soon!

Starting on July 1st KFC will roll out a new limited time menu that collaborates some of their classic items with Cheetos. According to Delish we will only have 4 weeks to try these specialty menu items that include Cheetos-fied KFC Hot Wings, Cheetos Loaded Fries, a KFC Mac and Cheetos Bowl, and finally the mad science of the Cheetos infused KFC Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Delish described tasting the sandwich " ...experience KFC's juicy, hand-breaded extra crispy chicken filet and a layer of crunchy Cheetos. The real tastebud teaser, though, is the special Cheetos sauce drizzled over the chicken—OH MY ACTUAL HEAVENS IS IT GOOD—with just the right amount of mayo to balance out the cheesy kick."

COUNT ME IN! The pictures of this food (which you can see by clicking here) are enough to get me to try. But when you add on top the review from the people at Delish, I'm sold. See you at KFC July 1st, I'll be the giant man in the Hawaiian shirt with the big cheesy smile on my face!

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