Skies were perfectly clear over the Quincy and Hannibal area Thursday night into Friday morning making a perfect time for viewing a historic lunar eclipse. Here are pics I took of the event.

My wife (aka "the smart one") knew this was a historic sky event she did not want to miss. I (aka "barely passed 2nd grade") happen to have a nifty camera with a 50x zoom. She convinced me it was a good idea to get up at 2:45 am to see the lunar eclipse that peaked just after 3a.

Here are my (very tired) pictures:

This was the moon around midnight.

Photo, Doc Holliday

This is the first pic as the lunar eclipse neared its peak. This was approximately 2:50am.

Photo, Doc Holliday

Slowly but surely it gets closer to peak. This was just before 3am.

Photo, Doc Holliday

Finally, this was around 3:02am.

Photo, Doc Holliday
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Considering this was the longest eclipse of its type in nearly 600 years, was it worth it? Sure. Am I exhausted. That's accurate.

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