There is a new bill that is looking to change the Illinois State Flag, what changes do they want to make? And why change it at all...?

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According to an article from, there is a push from one Illinois State Senator to make changes to the Illinois State Flag. In the article they say...

"State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) has a bill to create a 21-person committee of leaders to make recommendations to the General Assembly by September 2024. The Springfield senator thinks the flag commission would help boost civic engagement...The state flag of an eagle standing on a rock with a shield under its feet has been around since 1915. The word “Illinois” underneath the design was added in 1969."

So it seems as those the desire to change it is not because it is offensive or it has ties to anything that needs to be "canceled" which is good because most things that are changing nowadays are just because someone thinks it needs to be "canceled" the desire to change it is just because he wants to...

I would be interested in seeing new designs for the flag, what could you add, and what could you do to make it more representative of Illinois as a whole? But honestly, I have no strong desire to see the flag change, if it's just changing for the sake of change then it seems like a waste of time, especially when the state is losing population and business by the day. I feel like there are bigger fish to fry in Springfield than changing the flag just because. How do you feel about this proposed flag change?

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