Free Comic Book Day has been a special occasion for comic book fans since 2002. A more recent comic book event, very similar to Free Comic Book Day, is Halloween ComicFest. We spoke with Daniel Newkirk, owner of Quincy's Underdark Comics and Games, to get the rundown on what exactly Halloween ComicFest is all about. 

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What is Halloween Comicfest?

Halloween ComicFest is an annual celebration of comic books held around Halloween. This event Is put on by the same people who put on Free Comic Book Day in May. It features free Halloween themed comics similar to Free Comic Book Day. Underdark Comics and Games will be handing out these free comics all day (as supplies last) in addition to running sales, 10% off everything or 20% if you come in costume.

Is this the first year that Underdark Comics and Games has participated?

This will be our second Halloween party we’ve lined up to go with the Halloween ComicFest. Last year’s Halloween ComicFest was so much fun we decided to have another party!

Why do comics and Halloween go together?

Comics and Halloween go hand in hand really well. The obvious connection is in our favorite superhero comics our main characters all wear costumes. Halloween gives us a chance to live those fantasies we love in our books. But there’s a lot of other reasons why Halloween and Comics go together. When people think of comics most people go straight to superheroes, but horror themed comics were some of the earliest comics and helped shaped the medium.

What are you most looking forward to during Halloween ComicFest?

I’m most looking forward to seeing all the people coming into the store with their Halloween costumes. Last year we had a lot of great creative costumes and that creativity is amazing to me. I’m also very looking forward to meeting and seeing a lot of our regulars and friends all in the same day. Last year we saw Wonder Woman, Matt Murdock, Mega Man, Ninjas, Zombies, Scarecrows and more. I expect this year to top it!

Do you have any expectations for popular comic-themed costumes for this Halloween?

Costumes tend to follow things popular in the media. With the popularity of Flash, Arrow and Gotham TV shows and the Avengers Movies, I’d expect many costumes featured from those movies and TV shows.

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