Sometimes it's tough getting out to a Cardinals game. Tough financially. Ticket prices, parking, food for the kids, beer not for the kids, gas just to get down there, it's a whole thing. But Papa John's is looking to help ease the burden if you want to catch the series against the Cleveland Indians June 25-27.

For these Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night games, you can get tickets for $7. These are pavillion and terrace seats, they're kind of out there, but hey, where and when else are you going to get a Major League Baseball ticket for just one crisp new Lincoln and two Washingtons  And don't forget the convenience fee. Just go with an even Hamilton and boom, you've got change coming back.

Or use your credit card when you click this link and the discount code will be automatically applied. Don't even mess with portraits of dead guys, two of whom have Broadway musicals based upon them. Wait... does Lincoln have a musical? Was the 100% historically accurate documentary Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter a musical?

Now, unfortunately, these are the real life Cleveland Indians. Not the Cleveland Indians from the 1989 cinematic masterpiece Major League starring Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, and Wesley Snipes. So you won't be able to see Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn's powerful, if erratic, pitching, the base running finesse of Willie Mays Hayes, or the batting showcase performed by one Pedro Cerrano.

But you get Jason Kipnis. That's cool. Probably.

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