Oh come on, Cardinals fans! You’re making us look bad!

In what seems like a very dull and tedious experiment (and yet something right up my alley), the kind and astute grammarians over at grammarly.com analyzed 3,000 fan comments from the SB Nation blog posted between June 1 and June 14 of this year.

The proofreading robots who will one day come for my job weeded through the cesspool of internet commenters to find which Major League fanbase is the most incompetent when it comes to putting words together to form coherent thoughts.

And Cardinal Nation screwed it all up.

That’s right. Out of 30 teams, the alleged (yet NOT self-proclaimed) Best Fans In Baseball brought up the rear in dead last place for the second consecutive year with an average of 2.20 errors per 100 words. We were barely edged out by Yankees and Braves who racked up 2.18 errors and 2.15 errors respectively.

Coming in first place are the fans of the Miami Marlins with only 1.39 errors per 100 words followed by the two Ohio teams in the Cleveland Indians (1.62) and Cincinnati Reds (1.63).

Other regional teams include the Chicago Cubs in fifth place (1.65), Kansas City Royals in seventh place (1.66), and Chicago White Sox in 21st place with errors per 100 words.

For the full list, CLICK HERE.

I may never hear the end of this.

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