Big congratulations to Irish actress Saoirse Ronan for picking up her first Golden Globe win for her performance in Lady Bird, after being nominated twice before for Atonement and Brooklyn. She's a two time Academy Award nominee, has been in numerous films, both big budget and high profile indie films, and recently hosted Saturday Night Live. But even through it all, can anyone pronounce her name? I asked.

Nope. No one could. Our General Manager Tej came close, with SAR-SAH, but even that was off. Even KHQA anchor David Amelotti was getting tripped up by it. It's a tough name. The Irish play by a different rule book than the English do. And the English rule book is vastly more confusing than a game of Calvin-Ball. But now you know how to pronounce her name, and just in time for Oscar nominees to be announced at the end of the month.

Unfortunately not everyone can be named "James Franco" or "Julia Roberts" or "Yngwie Malmsteen."

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