I started noodling with this blog last Tuesday, the morning after my Cardinals suffered a crushing 15-2 defeat at the hands of the last place Cincinnati Reds. I had hoped I wouldn’t have to publish it.

For the first time since 2010, and only the fifth time this millennium, the St. Louis Cardinals are not in the playoffs. Hang on a sec…

[Sobs and curses uncontrollably]

The elimination comes despite closing the season with a 5-1 run that included magical moments like this, and this, and downright bizarre moments like this.

Just a year removed from a 100-win campaign which saw the 11-time World Champions edge out the second and third best teams in the Major Leagues, the Cardinals mustered only 86 wins and were eliminated at the young hand of heralded north side baby bears by September 15.

Now we all know that Quincy is pretty much split between Cardinals fans and Cubs fans (plus probably like six or seven White Sox fans and Brodie, the lone Dodgers fan). And since coming to Quincy from St. Louis, I’ve met plenty of Cubs fans that I like—even married one—and I believe it’s time they got the World Championship they’ve been waiting 100+ years for.

C'mon, Cardinals fans, we have no dog in this fight! I for one don’t want to see the Giants take their FOURTH championship in seven years. The Dodgers couldn’t give us the courtesy of winning one lousy game this past weekend which would have forced Wild Card tiebreaker, so they’re dead to me (sorry, Brodie). The Nationals have Dusty Baker, for whom I wish nothing but continued failure. And the Mets? Well the Mets aren’t going to win it anyway, so there’s no use rooting for them.

If any of those teams win, it’s forgotten about by the time the Super Bowl gets here. But if the CUBS win, we’re all witnesses to history. And I’ve always been in the camp that loving the Cardinals doesn’t mean you HAVE to hate the Cubs (it’s a small camp).

So what do you think?