When Brothers Osborne were creating their 2020 album Skeletons, they likely didn’t expect a Tiny Desk (Home) Concert to be on their calendars. But with the COVID-19 pandemic altering the hit NPR webseries, the self-professed fans of the series went all out.

Brothers Osborne's full-band setup filled the cozy room-turned-concert stage, complete with a tiny desk prop and a bunch of guitars. Press play below to watch.

BROS kicked things off on a jam band vibe, six musicians launching expertly into "Muskrat Greene," then moving effortlessly into the gritty "Dead Man’s Curve."

For the next song -- Brothers Osborne's latest single, “I’m Not for Everyone” -- TJ Osborne invited another musician to the band: Matt Heasley, described as a "local legend, amazing player and a good friend."

"I know it’s random, but we needed him for this song," TJ explained. Indeed, Heasley played accordion for the performance.

Before playing "Skeletons," the title track of their latest project, TJ offered some backstory, sharing, “We’ve had a crazy time in Nashville. This was the first song that we recorded right around the time the tornado ripped through. It’s been a process." The brothers wrapped the 18-minute concert with intricate and energetic guitars and instrumentation on “Hatin’ Somebody.”

TJ joked to the camera that he hoped they'd put on a good show. "We really haven’t been performing a lot for obvious reasons," he offered.

"Yeah, my living room isn’t as cool as the studio," John Osborne added with a laugh, "but it’s COVID, man.”

NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series was originally conceived of as "intimate video performances, recorded live at the desk of Bob Boilen." Figuring out a safe way to still have the shows was necessary after the pandemic changed the way things were done.

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