Brett Young and his wife, Taylor, are parents to two daughters: Presley, 2, and Rowan, 9 months. Despite having such young children, the country star sometimes feels as if he is living with a much older kid by the way Presley talks to them.

In fact, sometimes she sounds like she's at least 10 years old, he says.

“Presley started talking kind of early, so we’re full sentences, and she’s starting to say things like, she’ll finish a sentence, you think, and then she’ll go, ‘Oh, and also ...’ And then she’ll say something else," Young shares with his label, Big Machine. "And it’s like, ‘oh and also?’ Where are you getting this stuff?"

"You realize what a sponge they are," he adds. "It’s not something that we taught them, it’s something that they overheard and that they are putting into practice already. And she’ll do stuff like that all the time."

Although adorable at times, it can be stressful on parents worrying their child will pick something up they're not supposed to. Luckily, for the Youngs, their oldest daughter is just speaking more eloquently.

"In the morning, she gets her screen time, quote, unquote. And in the morning when she first wakes up, like both me and my wife, she wakes up kind of slow. So, most of the time we’ll say, you know, ‘Do you wanna watch your cartoons in bed or do you want to go downstairs?’ And she’ll say, ‘You know, I was in here all night. Why don’t we watch it downstairs?’ Or she’ll say things like, ‘Downstairs, that would be a good idea.’ And I’m like, who are you? You’re two. You sound like a 10-year-old," Young notes.

All in all, having a little "mini me" running around the house can be entertaining.

"So, it’s really fun and it makes you hyper-aware of the things you say around them cause they’re listening all the time,” he points out.

Presley has begun to recognize her father's music, as well. Recently, Taylor recorded a video of their daughter listening to "daddy" in the car. Young shared the heart-melting clip on social media.

In the post, Young's latest single "You Didn't" plays in the background. The song was inspired by a brief time in which Young and his wife Taylor had broken up while dating. The couple reconciled and married on Nov. 2, 2018.

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